Words Matter

Words Matter

Meaning and Power

McConnell-Ginet, Sally

Cambridge University Press






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Getting Started; 1. Labeling: "What are you, anyway?"; 2. Marking/Erasing: "Instead of saying 'normal Americans', you can just say 'Americans'"; 3. Generalizing: "All the Women were White, All the Blacks were Men, but Some of Us were Brave"; 4. Addressing: "All right, my man...keep your hands on the steering wheel; 5. Putting Down: "[They] aren't people - they're animals"; 6. Reforming/Resisting: "It's like a kind of sexual racism"; 7. Authorizing: "When I use a word it means just what I choose it to mean...[but who] is to be master?"; 8. Concluding.
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