Women and the Egyptian Revolution

Women and the Egyptian Revolution

Engagement and Activism during the 2011 Arab Uprisings

Allam, Nermin (Princeton University, New Jersey)

Cambridge University Press






15 a 20 dias

This examination of women during and since the 2011 uprising in Egypt uncovers their voices and their experiences of revolutionary action. Allam analyses the history of women's political participation and reflects on the current situation in order to understand the dynamics of gender and women's rights in Egypt.
Introduction: a dramaturgy of women, Egypt, and the 2011 Egyptian uprising; 1. Women and Egypt's national struggles; 2. Activism and exception: media and the framing of women's engagement in the 2011 Egyptian uprising; 3. Trenching dissent: women's collective action frame in the uprising; 4. An epicentre of solidarity: women's recollections of the 18-day uprising; 5. 'Ento Beto' Suzan ('You are Suzanne's Clique'): gender and political opportunities; 6. What holds next? The politics of hope and disappointment.
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