Wittgenstein: Lectures, Cambridge 1930-1933

Wittgenstein: Lectures, Cambridge 1930-1933

From the Notes of G. E. Moore

Stern, David G. (University of Iowa); Citron, Gabriel (Yale University, Connecticut); Rogers, Brian (Stanford University, California)

Cambridge University Press






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This volume provides, for the first time, an almost verbatim record of Wittgenstein's lectures from the early 1930s. It forms a valuable introduction to his philosophy and will be a useful resource for scholars, undergraduate students and upper-level students of philosophy, linguistics, anthropology, logic, and the social sciences.
Editorial introduction; Synoptic table of contents; Lectures, Cambridge, 1930-3: from the notes of G. E. Moore: Lent term, 1930; May term, 1930; Michaelmas term, 1930; Lent term, 1931; May term, 1931; May term, 1932; Michaelmas term, 1932; Lent term, 1933; May term, 1933; Appendix: Moore's short paper on Wittgenstein on grammar; Biographies; Moore's abbreviations; Bibliography; Index.
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