Wilhelm von Humboldt and Early American Linguistics

Wilhelm von Humboldt and Early American Linguistics

Resources and Inspirations

Drechsel, Emanuel J.

Cambridge University Press






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Preface; Acknowledgments; List of Figures; Part I. Wilhelm von Humboldt and the Americas: Essentials; 1. Introduction: The Elder Humboldt as an Americanist Linguist and Anthropologist; 2. Research on Wilhelm von Humboldt and His Brother Alexander as Americanist Linguists: Biography, Ethnohistory, and Philology; Part II. The Early Lives of Wilhelm and Alexander von Humboldt; 3. The Humboldt Brothers' Youth and Bildung in Europe of the Late Eighteenth Century; 4. Alexander von Humboldt on His Explorations of the Americas and in His Role as His Brother's Intermediary (1799-1804); 5. Wilhelm von Humboldt's Linguistic and Ethnographic Field Experiences with Basque in the Pyrenees of Spain (1799 and 1801); Part III. Wilhelm von Humboldt's Americanist Linguistics; 6. First Exposure to American Languages at the Vatican Library in Rome and the Significance of Alexander's American Resources (1803-1808); 7. Expansion and Intensification of Humboldtian Americanist Linguistics: Methodological and Theoretical Implications (1811-1819); 8. Les langues du Nouveau Continent: An Early Book on the American Languages in the Making, but Falling Short (1820-1827); 9. From the Americas to the Pacific: Americanist Linguistics as Methodological-Conceptual Midwife to the Study of Malayo-Polynesian Languages (1827-1835); Part IV. Wilhelm von Humboldt's Impact on Americanist Linguistics and Anthropology; 10. First Generation of American Humboldtians of the Early Nineteenth Century: American Languages in a Comparative Linguistics (Duponceau, Pickering, and Gallatin); 11. Second Generation of American Humboldtians in the Nineteenth Century: Language Typology, History, and Evolution (Lieber, Gatschet, and Brinton); 12. Third and Fourth Generations of American Humboldtians at the Turn of Nineteenth Century: Linguistic and Cultural Relativism (Boas, Kroeber, and Sapir); Part V. Wilhelm von Humboldt as an Americanist Linguist and Anthropologist; Summary; Conclusions; References; Appendix 1: List of Abbreviations for Frequently Used Publication Titles, Their Full Counterparts and English Translations; Appendix 2: Historical and Biographical Timetable of Wilhelm and Alexander von Humboldt; Index.
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