Why the Bible Began

Why the Bible Began

An Alternative History of Scripture and its Origins

Wright, Jacob L.

Cambridge University Press






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I. The Rise and Fall: 1. Abraham and Sarah: From One to the Many; 2. Miriam: Empire and Exodus; 3. Deborah: A New Dawn; 4. David: Between North and South; 5. Ahab and Jezebel: Putting Israel on the Map; 6. Jehu and Elisha: Israel's Downfall and Judah's Jubilation; 7. Hezekiah and Isaiah: Putting Judah on the Map; 8. Josiah and Huldah: Judah's Downfall and Deportation; II. Admitting Defeat: 9. Daughter Zion: Finding One's Voice; 10. The Creator: Comforting the Afflicted; 11. Haggai the Prophet: Laying the Foundation; 12. Nehemiah the Builder: Restoring Judean Pride; 13. Ezra the Educator: Becoming a People of the Book; 14. Hoshayahu the Soldier: Peoplehood as a Pedagogical Project; III. A New Narrative: 15. Jeremiah and Baruch: A Monument to Defeat; 16. Isaac and Rebekah: The Family Story; 17. Moses and Joshua: The People's History; 18. Hannah and Samuel: The Palace History; 19. Solomon and the Queen of Sheba: The National Narrative; 20. Jonah: The Prophets as Survival Literature; 21. Yhwh's People: Codes, Covenant, and Kinship; IV. A People of Protest: 22. Matriarch: Women and the Biblical Agenda; 23. The Hero: Redefining Gender Roles; 24. The Other: Tales of War, Outsiders, and Allegiance; 25. The Soldier: Sacrificial Death and Eternal Life; 26. Prophet and Priest: Open Access and Separation of Powers; 27. The Sage: Job, Proverbs, and Ecclesiastes; 28. The Poet: The Song of Songs and Psalms; 29. The Queen: Peoplehood without Piety.
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