Why Trust a Theory?

Why Trust a Theory?

Epistemology of Fundamental Physics

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1. Introduction Radin Dardashti, Richard Dawid and Karim Thebault; 2. Fundamental theories and epistemic shifts: can history of science serve as a guide? Helge Kragh; 3. Scientific speculation - a pragmatic approach Peter Achinstein; 4. Assessing scientific theories Radin Dardashti and Stephan Hartmann; 5. Philosophy of science and the string wars: a view from the outside Massimo Pigliucci; 6. The significance of non-empirical confirmation in fundamental physics Richard Dawid; 7. The dangers of non-empirical confirmation Carlo Rovelli; 8. No alternative to proliferation Daniele Oriti; 9. Physics without experiments? Radin Dardashti; 10. Scientific methodology: a view from early string theory Elena Castellani; 11. What can we learn from analogue experiments? Karim Thebault; 12. Are black holes about information? Christian Wuthrich; 13. The limits of cosmology Joseph Silk; 14. The role of cosmology in modern physics Bjorn Malte Schafer; 15. Theory confirmation and multiverses George Ellis; 16. Beyond falsifiability: normal science in a multiverse Sean Carroll; 17. Gaining access to the early universe Chris Smeenk; 18. String theory to the rescue Joseph Polchinski; 19. Why trust a theory? Some further remarks Joseph Polchinski; 20. The dangerous irrelevance of string theory Eva Silverstein; 21. String/M-theories about our world are testable in the traditional physics way Gordon Kane; 22. Is string phenomenology an oxymoron? Fernando Quevedo.
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