Why Representation Matters

Why Representation Matters

The Meaning of Ethnic Quotas in Rural India

Cambridge University Press






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List of figures; List of tables; Acknowledgments; Note on terminology; 1. Political representation and intergroup relations; 2. Untouchability in rural India: persistence and evolution; 3. Local representation in rural India: a view from the ground; 4. Theory: the impact of descriptive representation; 5. Quantitative methodology; 6. The material and tangible effects of descriptive representation; 7. The cognitive impact of descriptive representation; 8. The effects of descriptive representation on interpersonal relations; 9. Descriptive representation and intergroup relations in comparative perspective; Appendix A. Methodical note on field research; Appendix B. The pair-matches; Appendix C. Additional balance tests; Appendix D. Did members of the scheduled castes self-select into reserved villages?; Bibliography; Index.
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