Why Not Moderation?

Why Not Moderation?

Letters to Young Radicals

Craiutu, Aurelian

Cambridge University Press






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1. Why radical moderation?; Part I. The World We Live In: 2. Can liberal democracy be saved? Part II. What Kind of Virtue is Moderation?: 3. Rediscovering moderation in our immoderate age; 4. The skepticism toward moderation and what its critics miss about it; 5. The archipelago of moderation (I): the old world; 6. The archipelago of moderation (II): the new world; 7. An alternative to ideology; 8. An antidote to fanaticism; Part III. Do Moderates Have a Political Vision?: 9. The limits of moral clarity; 10. Against the politics of warfare; 11. No manichaeism and litmus tests; 12. Compromise; 13. Trimming and balance; 14. Centrism; 15. Eclecticism and pluralism; 16. Dialogue; Part IV. The Ethos of Moderation: 17. The spirit of moderation; 18. Modesty and humility; 19. Civility; 20. Prudence; 21. Realism and pragmatic partisanship; Part V. Who Needs Moderation Today?: 22. The last beacon of hope?.
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