Whose Country Music?

Whose Country Music?

Genre, Identity, and Belonging in Twenty-First-Century Country Music Culture

Bishop, Paula J.; Watson, Jada E.

Cambridge University Press






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Industry: 1. Mailbox Money: Novel Liberation Strategies of a Black Female Country Songwriter Alice Randall; 2. Dixie Chicked: Sony vs. The Chicks and the Regendering of Country Music in the Early Twentieth-Century Kristine M. McCusker; 3. How 360 degrees Deals Homogenized Country Music Rachel Skaggs; 4. A Double-Edged Sword: Industry Data and the Construction of Country Music Narratives Jada Watson; Codes of Conduct: 5. Why Country Music Needs Latina Feminism Sophia Enriquez; 6. Pistol Annies: Country Rebels with Humor Stephanie Vander Wel; 7. From Bros to Gentlemen: The Problem of Consent in Contemporary Country Music Phoebe E. Hughes; 8. Cowboys on a Beach: Summer Country and the Loss of Working-Class Identity Jocelyn R. Neal. Authenticity: 9. Dolly Parton's Netflix Reimagining: How Her Twenty-First Century 'Jolene' Revises Country Music's Authenticity Narrative Leigh H. Edwards; 10. 'When Britney [Spears] Ruled the World': Expanding the Stylistic Boundaries of Nostalgia in Country Music Paula J. Bishop; 11. Rhinestone Revivals: Repurposing the Nudie Suit for the Twenty-first Century Janet Aspley; 12. Country Music Doesn't Have to Suck: Intertextuality, Community, and Bloodshot Records Nancy P. Riley. Boundary Work: 13. Playing at the Border: Navajo Country Western Music and Border Town Racism Kristina Jacobsen; 14. Country-Loving Mexican Americans: Dual Patriotism and Inevitable Fandom among Mexican American Country Music Lovers Nadine Hubbs; 15. Practices of Genre Surveillance in Country Music: Hearing Racial Politics in Beyonce's and The Chicks' 'Daddy Lessons' Rebekah Hutten; 16. 'We Have a Lot of Work to Do': Rhiannon Giddens and Country Music's Mixed Roots Tracey E. Laird. Epilogue: Country Music Needs a Revolution Rissi Palmer.
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