Where Do Numbers Come From?

Where Do Numbers Come From?

Koerner, T. W.

Cambridge University Press






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Introduction; Part I. The Rationals: 1. Counting sheep; 2. The strictly positive rationals; 3. The rational numbers; Part II. The Natural Numbers: 4. The golden key; 5. Modular arithmetic; 6. Axioms for the natural numbers; Part III. The Real Numbers (and the Complex Numbers): 7. What is the problem?; 8. And what is its solution?; 9. The complex numbers; 10. A plethora of polynomials; 11. Can we go further?; Appendix A. Products of many elements; Appendix B. nth complex roots; Appendix C. How do quaternions represent rotations?; Appendix D. Why are the quaternions so special?; References; Index.
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