When Soldiers Rebel

When Soldiers Rebel

Ethnic Armies and Political Instability in Africa

Harkness, Kristen A. (University of St Andrews, Scotland)

Cambridge University Press






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Soldiers rebel when leaders attempt to build or dismantle ethnic armies, posing a deep challenge to contemporary democratization efforts.
Introduction; 1. Ethnicity, military patronage, and soldier rebellion; 2. Statistical tests: ethnic armies and the coup d'etat; 3. Building ethnic armies: Cameroon and Sierra Leone; 4. Creating inclusive armies: Senegal and Ghana; 5. Dismantling ethnic armies: African militaries and democratization; Conclusion; Appendix A. Preindependence ethnic violence and ethnic politicization; Appendix B. Military coup data; Appendix C. Ethnicity and the military data; Appendix D. Supplementary material for regression analysis.
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