What Science Is and How It Really Works

What Science Is and How It Really Works

Zimring, James C.

Cambridge University Press






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Introduction; Part I: 1. The knowledge problem, or what can we really 'know'?; 2. Adding more building blocks of human reasoning to the knowledge problem; 3. Holistic coherence in thinking, or describing a system of how humans reason and think; Part II: 4. How scientific reasoning differs from other reasoning; 5. Natural properties of a rule-governed world, or why scientists study certain types of things and not others; 6. How human observation of the natural world can differ from what the world really is; 7. Detection of patterns and associations, or how human perceptions and reasoning complicate understanding of real-world information; 8. The association of ideas and causes, or how science figures out what causes what; Part III: 9. Remedies that science uses to compensate for how humans tend to make errors; 10. The analysis of a phantom apparition, or has science really been studied yet?; 11. The societal factor, or how social dynamics affect science; 12. A holistic world of scientific entities, or considering the forest and the trees together; 13. Putting it all together to describe 'what science is and how it really works'.
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