A Concise Introduction

Hakim, Gregory; Patoux, Jerome

Cambridge University Press






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An accessible, beautifully illustrated text, covering the fundamentals of meteorology in a concise, clear, and engaging manner. Designed to offer students a strong foundation in the physical, dynamical, and chemical processes taking place in the atmosphere, this introductory textbook provides a practical approach to the study of meteorology.
Preface; Introduction; 1. Weather variables; 2. Spatial representations of weather data; 3. Our atmosphere: origin, composition, and structure; 4. Heat transfer; 5. Water; 6. Cloud formation; 7. Precipitation; 8. Wind; 9. Global wind systems; 10. Air masses, fronts, and mid-latitude cyclones; 11. Thunderstorms and tornadoes; 12. Hurricanes; 13. Weather forecasting; 14. Air pollution; 15. Climate change and weather; Glossary; Credits; Index.
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