War Stories from the Drug Survey

War Stories from the Drug Survey

How Culture, Politics, and Statistics Shaped the National Survey on Drug Use and Health

Gfroerer, Joseph

Cambridge University Press






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Introduction; 1. President Nixon launches the war on drugs; 2. The survey continues, as illicit drug use peaks; 3. Cocaine and new directions for the survey; 4. The White House needs data and a bigger survey; 5. Criticism, correction, and communication; 6. The survey moves to SAMHSA; 7. Rising drug use in the 1990s; 8. Better sample, better analysis, but not always; 9. A perfect redesign storm; 10. Continuing survey design improvements; 11. Analytic bankruptcy, reorganization, recovery, and resilience; 12. How to redesign an ongoing survey, or not; 13. Lessons learned and future challenges.