Virgil's Fourth Eclogue in the Italian Renaissance

Virgil's Fourth Eclogue in the Italian Renaissance

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Eclogue 4: text and translation; Part I. Prolegomena: 1. Introduction: noua progenies; 2. A new age: the Virgilian Renaissance; Part II. Politics: 3. Florentine fantasies: Maro and the Medici; 4. Maritime Maro: Virgil in Venice; 5. Princely propaganda: the Italian states; 6. Vatican vaticinations: the Papal Golden Age; Part III. Religion: 7. Poet and Christian? The Messianic Fourth Eclogue; 8. tua dicere facta: the Messianic epic; 9. A child is born: the Nativity eclogue; 10. teste Sibylla: Virgil in church; Epilogue: time regained.
Virgil; Renaissance; Neo-Latin; Sibyls; Messianic; Eclogues; Panegyric; Reception; Italy; Christianity