Cambridge Studies in US Foreign Relations

Cambridge Studies in US Foreign Relations

Vu, Tuong (University of Oregon)

Cambridge University Press






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This book uses new Vietnamese sources to challenge conventional scholarship and the popular image of the Vietnamese revolution and the Vietnam War. It is valuable for scholars, students, and general readers interested in Vietnam, Southeast Asia, the Vietnam War, the Cold War, American foreign relations, revolutions and communism.
Introduction. The Vietnamese Revolution in world history; 1. Revolutionary paths through the mind, 1917-30; 2. The consolidation of a Leninist vision, 1931-40; 3. On the frontline of the Cold War, 1940-51; 4. Patriotism in the service of socialism, 1953-60; 5. From idealistic to realistic internationalism, 1957-63; 6. The rise of vanguard internationalism, 1964-75; 7. From revolutionary vanguard to Soviet client, 1976-9; 8. The crisis and death of utopia, 1980-91; 9. Legacies of ideology, 1990-2010; Epilogue; Appendix 1. Ho Chi Minh's letter to Stalin, October 14, 1950; Appendix 2. Anti-American articles written by Ho Chi Minh, 1951-5; Appendix 3. Methodology and sources.
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