Vietnam's Communist Revolution

Vietnam's Communist Revolution

The Power and Limits of Ideology

Vu, Tuong (University of Oregon)

Cambridge University Press






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This book traces the Vietnamese communist worldview throughout their revolution, and offers a new explanation for the tragedy of Vietnam.
Introduction. The Vietnamese Revolution in world history; 1. Revolutionary paths through the mind, 1917-30; 2. The consolidation of a Leninist vision, 1931-40; 3. On the frontline of the Cold War, 1940-51; 4. Patriotism in the service of socialism, 1953-60; 5. From idealistic to realistic internationalism, 1957-63; 6. The rise of vanguard internationalism, 1964-75; 7. From revolutionary vanguard to Soviet client, 1976-9; 8. The crisis and death of utopia, 1980-91; 9. Legacies of ideology, 1990-2010; Epilogue; Appendix 1. Ho Chi Minh's letter to Stalin, October 14, 1950; Appendix 2. Anti-American articles written by Ho Chi Minh, 1951-5; Appendix 3. Methodology and sources.
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