Urban Climate Politics

Urban Climate Politics

Agency and Empowerment

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1. Introduction: promises and concerns of the urban century Jeroen van der Heijden, Harriet Bulkeley and Chiara Certoma; 2. Unpacking agency in global urban climate governance: city networks as actors, agents, and arenas David J. Gordon; 3. Empowerment and disempowerment of urban climate governance initiatives: an exploratory typology of mechanisms James J. Patterson and Nicolien van der Grijp; 4. Transnational municipal networks and cities in climate governance: experiments in Brazil Fabiana Barbi and Laura Valente de Macedo; 5. Making climates through the city Lauren Rickards; 6. Cross-movement alliances as a novel form of agency to increase socially just arrangements in urban climate governance Karsten Schulz and Antje Bruns; 7. The politics of data-driven urban climate change mitigation Sara Hughes, Laura Tozer and Sarah Giest; 8. Urban planning for sustainability and justice: lessons from urban agriculture Francois Mancebo and Chiara Certoma; 9. Unpacking the black box of urban climate agency: (dis)empowerment and inclusion in local participatory processes Scott Morton Ninomiya and Sarah Burch; 10. From public to citizen responsibilities in urban climate adaptation: a thick analysis Caroline J. Uittenbroek, Heleen L. P. Mees, Dries L. T. Hegger and Peter P. J. Driessen; 11. Agency and climate governance African cities: lessons from urban agriculture Christopher Gore; 12. The effects of transnational municipal networks on urban climate politics in the Global South Fee Stehle, Chris Hoehne, Thomas Hickmann and Markus Lederer; 13. The politics of urban climate futures: recognition, experimentation, and orchestration Jeroen van der Heijden, Chiara Certoma and Harriet Bulkeley.