Untied Kingdom

Untied Kingdom

A Global History of the End of Britain

Cambridge University Press






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List of Figures; Introduction; Part I. Prologue: 1. Offshore Formations: The Unbearable Bandwidth of Being British; 2. The Limits of Location: Greater Britain; 3. 'British with a Small 'b'': The Impress of Internationalism; Part II. Registers: 4. 'We Mustn't Mention the Empire': The British Name; 5. Homes Away from Home: The Houses of Windsor; 6. Imperial Welcome: The British Subject; 7. The Wind Changes: Human Rights after Smuts; 8. Pride in the Goods: The Moral Economy of the Common Market; 9. Uncommon Law: The Reach of British Justice; Part III. Repercussions: 10. East and West of Suez: Receding Frontiers; 11. Backing Little Britain: Distempers; 12. The Last Refuge: Coming Home to England; 13. 'British We are and British We Stay': Troubles; 14. Stop the World: Celtic Departures; 15. 'Cosmologies of Our Own': After Britain; Conclusion; Acknowledgements; Notes; Bibliography; Index.
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