Under the Greenwood Tree

Under the Greenwood Tree

Gatrell, Simon (University of Georgia); Hardy, Thomas

Cambridge University Press






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Under the Greenwood Tree (1872) is the latest book in the Cambridge Edition of the Novels and Stories of Thomas Hardy series. This critical edition of Hardy's second published novel offers an authoritative text and includes wide-ranging contextual material, including a comprehensive introduction supplemented by textual and explanatory notes.
List of illustrations; General editor's preface; Acknowledgements; Chronology; Abbreviations; Introduction; Under the Greenwood Tree; Variants in punctuation and styling; End-of-line hyphenation; Editorial emendations; Appendix A. Hardy's preface to the Wessex Edition; Appendix B. Under the Greenwood Tree and The Poor Man and the Lady; Appendix C. Detailed analysis of the manuscript; Appendix D. Chapter-division in the manuscript; Appendix E. Watermarks in the manuscript; Appendix F. The compositors of the first edition; Appendix G. Robson's compositors in A Pair of Blue Eyes; Appendix H. Differences between the first and second editions; Appendix I. Printing orders for Under the Greenwood Tree Published by Chatto and Windus and Macmillan; Appendix J. Frontispieces; Appendix K. Description of substantive editions; Explanatory notes.
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