Trustworthy Online Controlled Experiments

Trustworthy Online Controlled Experiments

A Practical Guide to A/B Testing

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Cambridge University Press






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Preface - how to read this book; 1. Introduction and motivation; 2. Running and analyzing experiments: an end-to-end example; 3. Twyman's law and experimentation trustworthiness; 4. Experimentation platform and culture; Part II: 5. Speed matters: an end-to-end case study; 6. Organizational metrics; 7. Metrics for experimentation and the Overall Evaluation Criterion (OEC); 8. Institutional memory and aeta-analysis; 9. Ethics in controlled experiments; Part III: 10. Complementary techniques; 11. Observational causal studies; Part IV: 12. Client-side experiments; 13. Instrumentation; 14. Choosing a randomization unit; 15. Ramping experiment exposure: trading off speed, quality, and risk; 16. Scaling experiment analyses; Part V: 17. The statistics behind online controlled experiments; 18. Variance estimation and improved sensitivity: pitfalls and solutions; 19. The A/A test; 20. Triggering for improved sensitivity; 21. Guardrail metrics; 22. Leakage and interference between variants; 23. Measuring long-term treatment effects.
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