Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic Brain Injury

A Multidisciplinary Approach

Whyte, Maggie; Welbourne, Jessie; Whitfield, Peter C.; Hutchinson, Peter J.; Thomas, Elfyn; Summers, Fiona

Cambridge University Press






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1. Epidemiology of Head Injury Giles Critchley, Imogen Rogers and Anjum Memon; 2. The Neuropathology of Traumatic Brain Injury David Hilton; 3. Experimental Models of Traumatic Brain Injury Ciaran S. Hill and Hiren C. Patel; 4. Clinical Assessment of the Head Injured Patient Amr H. Mohamed, Peter C. Whitfield and Deva S. Jeyaretna; 5. Neuroimaging in Trauma Won Hyung A. Ryu, Jonathan Coles and Clare N. Gallagher; 6. Scoring Systems for Trauma and Head Injury Antoinette Edwards, Fiona Lecky and Laura White; 7. Early Phase Care of Patients with Mild and Minor Head Injury Anthony Kehoe; 8. Early Phase Care of Patients with Moderate and Severe Head Injury Mark Wilson; 9. Interhosptial Transfer or Brain Injured Patients Thomas Price, Gareth Allen and Robbie Thorpe; 10. Principles of Head Injury Intensive Care Management Martin Smith; 11. Intracranial Pressure Monitoring in Head Injury Adam J Wells, Peter Smielewski, Rikin A. Trivedi and Peter J. Hutchinson; 12. Multimodality Monitoring in Head Injury Tamara Tajsic, Andrew Gvozdanovic, Ivan Timofeev and Peter J. Hutchinson; 13. Therapeutic Options in Neurocritical Care: Optimising Brain Physiology Chiara Robba and Rowan Burnstein; 14. Therapeutic Options in Critical Care - Beyond the Brain Matthew J. C. Thomas and Richard Protheroe; 15. Brain Stem Death and Organ Donation Mark Sair and Martin B. Walker; 16. Anaesthesia for Emergency Neurosurgery Nicola Pilkington and W Hiu Lam; 17. Surgical Issues in the Management of Head-Injured Patients Jane Halliday, Peter C Whitfield and Puneet Plaha; 18. Craniofacial Trauma: Injury Patterns and Management Kathrin J. Whitehouse and Paul McArdle; 19. Cranioplasty after Head Injury Stephen Honeybul; 20. Neurosurgical Complications of Head Injury Ellie Edlmann and Peter C Whitfield; 21. Paediatric Head Injury Management Greg James; 22. Assessment of Capacity and Cognition Maggie Whyte and Fiona Summers; 23. Families: Effective Communication and Facilitating Adjustment Fiona Summers, Helen Gooday, Maggie Whyte and Camilla Herbert; 24. Principles of Rehabilitation Jonathan J. Evans; 25. MDT and Rehabilitation of Head Injury Judith Fewings, Ann-Marie Pringle, Therese Lebedis and Maggie Whyte; 26. Neuropsychological Rehabilitation Jonathon J. Evans, Ceri Trevethan, Jackie Hamilton, Bruce Downey, Lindsey Beedie and Emma Hepburn; 27. Assistive Technology and Rehabilitation Brian O'Neill, Catherine Best and Matt Jamieson; 28. Outcomes and Prognosis Helen M. K. Gooday; 29. Medicolegal Aspects of Traumatic Brain and Cervical Spine Injury Peter C. Whitfield and Peter J. Hutchinson.
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