Trauma and Grief Component Therapy for Adolescents

Trauma and Grief Component Therapy for Adolescents

A Modular Approach to Treating Traumatized and Bereaved Youth

Kaplow, Julie; Saltzman, William; Olafson, Erna; Boat, Barbara; Layne, Christopher; Pynoos, Robert

Cambridge University Press






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Introduction; TGCTA pre-treatment assessment interview: introduction, assessment, and goal setting for individual or group participation; Module 1. Foundational Knowledge and Skills: Introduction; Session 1.1 Welcome and introduction; Session 1.2 Posttraumatic and grief reactions and introduction to coping strategies; Session 1.3 Emotions and feelings; Session 1.4 Learning to cope with trauma and loss reminders; Session 1.5 Learning coping skills; Session 1.6 Sizing up a situation; Session 1.7 Identifying and replacing hurtful thoughts; Session 1.8 Recruiting effective support handouts 1.1-1.53; Module 2. Working Through Traumatic or Loss Experiences: Introduction; Session 2.1 Preparing to share personal trauma or loss experiences (sharing our stories); Session 2.2 Group narrative sharing sessions; Session 2.3 Review of group sharing and exploration of beliefs and expectations; Session 2.4 Guide for conducting individual narrative and pullout sessions; Handouts 2.1-2.15; Module 3. Working Through Grief Experiences: Introduction; Session 3.1 Learning about grief; Session 3.2 Understanding connections between loss reminders, grief reactions, and consequences; Session 3.3 Dealing with distress over the circumstances of tragic deaths; Session 3.4 Identifying positive and negative traits; Session 3.5 Reminiscing together; Session 3.6 Planning for difficult days (relapse prevention); Handouts 3.1-3.34; Module 4. Preparing for the Future: Introduction; Session 4.1 Next steps - promoting developmental progress; Session 4.2 Coping with difficult days; Session 4.3 What is and what is not your job; Session 4.4 Graduation and launching into the future; Handouts 4.1-4.25; Appendices.
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