Transnational Solidarity

Transnational Solidarity

Concept, Challenges and Opportunities

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Introduction: TRANSNATIONAL SOLIDARITY; Part I TRANSNATIONAL SOLIDARITY - CONCEPT AND CONDITIONS; 1. Solidarity - a Short History from the Concept's Beginnings to the Present Situation Sven-Eric Liedman; 2. Solidarity Between the National and the Transnational: What Do We Owe to 'Outsiders'? Carol Gould; 3. Democratic Solidarity Between Global Crisis and Cosmopolitan Hope Hauke Brunkhorst; 4. Chains of Solidarity: Violence and Debt Nathalie Karagiannis; 5. Symbols and Myths of Solidarity of European Union Transnational Solidarity Ian Manners; Part II TRANSNATIONAL SOLIDARITY IN EUROPE - UNDER PRESSURE AND CHANGE; 6. Solidarity and the Economic and Monetary Union in Times of Economic Crisis Ulla Neergaard; 7.The financial crisis in the EU: European, Solidarity, and (financial) Crises Graham Butler and Holly Snaith; 8. Refugee Protection as a Public Good: How to make Responsibility-Sharing Initiatives More Effective Eiko Thielemann; 9. The Brexit Crisis: Challenges for Cross-border Solidarity Alison Young; 10. Transnational Claims in the European Union and the Founding Principle of Solidarity Antoni Abat Ninet; Part III (RE)ESTABLISHING TRANSNATIONAL SOLIDARITY WITHIN EXISTING EUROPEAN INSTITUTIONS AND POLITICAL SETTINgs; 11. The European Model of Transnational Democracy Alexander Somek; 12. Building Solidarity through International Courts: Solidarity in the EU and the European Court of Justice Dagmar Schiek; 13. Civic Solidarity in Transnational spaces - Organization and Institutionalization of Solidarity within the European Union Christian Lahusen; Part IV CREATING NEW FORMS OF TRANSNATIONAL SOLIARITY IN EUROPE; 14. Free Movement and Social Citizenship: Towards a Politically Constructed Understanding of Solidarity across Borders Chenchen Zhang; 15. New Opportunities for Transnational Solidarity Mobilization: The Role of the Media Hans-Jurg Trenz; 16. Changing Normativity and Solidarity: European Legal and Trans-religious Perspectives Hanne Petersen; 17. Cross-Border Solidarity among European Cities Helle Krunke and Katarina Hovden; CONCLUDING THOUGHTS: CONCEPT, CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES Editors.
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