Transboundary Water Disputes

Transboundary Water Disputes

State Conflict and the Assessment of their Adjudication

Kornfeld, Itzchak E. (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Cambridge University Press






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In this book Kornfeld analyzes the effectiveness of North American international courts and ad hoc arbitral tribunals, in adjudicating transboundary water disputes and allocating scarce water resources. He traces the historical development of water law, taking into account issues of sovereignty, jurisdiction and scientific evidence.
1. Adjudication and the scope of transboundary water disputes; 2. The proliferation of dispute resolution fora; 3. The scope of transboundary water issues, and polycentricity; 4. Pacific dispute resolution and the limitations on adjudication; 5. The impacts of sovereignty; 6. The courts and tribunals assessed here; 7. Factors used in analyzing effectiveness; 8. Analyzing the disputes - the Supreme Court; 9. Arbitration of transboundary water disputes; 10. Conclusion; Index.
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