Training the Party

Training the Party

Party Adaptation and Elite Training in Reform-era China

Lee, Charlotte P. (Stanford University, California)

Cambridge University Press






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Charlotte P. Lee considers organizational changes taking place within the contemporary Chinese Communist Party (CCP), examining the party's renewed emphasis on an understudied but core set of organizations: party-managed training academies. This book will have immediate appeal for readers interested in contemporary Chinese politics.
1. Introduction; 2. The organizational landscape; 3. Managing the managers; 4. Fusing party and market; 5. The entrepreneurial party school; 6. Adaptation measured; 7. Conclusion: risks and limits to party reforms; Appendices: A. Number of party schools, by locale and national share of leading cadres; B. Note on sources and research methods; C. Central Party School organization; D. City Z training allocations, 2008; E. Descriptive statistics and robustness tests of PSM presented in Chapter 3; F. Central Party School Mid-Career Cadre Training Classes descriptive data; G. International partnerships, central and provincial-level party schools; H. Categories for coding training syllabi.
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