Trade Multilateralism in the 21st Century: Building the Upper Floors of the Trading System through WTO Accessions

Trade Multilateralism in the 21st Century: Building the Upper Floors of the Trading System through WTO Accessions

Osakwe, Chiedu; Kireyev, Alexei (International Monetary Fund Institute, Washington DC)

Cambridge University Press






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Trade multilateralism in the twenty-first-century century faces a serious test as weakness in the global economy and fast-paced technological changes create a challenging environment for world trade.
1. Making trade multilateralism work for all: the role of WTO accessions Alexei Kireyev and Chiedu Osakwe; Part I. WTO Accessions And The New Trade Multilateralism: 2. The WTO and the changing state of the global economy Alexei Kireyev; 3. The art and science of negotiation: de-politicizing and technicizing negotiations Micheline Calmy-Rey and Svenja Rauch; 4. The accession of Kazakhstan: dealing with complexity Alexei Kireyev, Chiedu Osakwe and Anna Varyanik; 5. Helping businesses navigate WTO accession Arancha Gonzalez; 6. WTO rules, accession protocols and mega-regionals - complementarity and governance in the rules-based global economy Masa Lekic and Chiedu Osakwe; 7. Promoting good governance: from encouraging a principle to taking concrete action - examples from WTO accession protocols and the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement Juneyoung Lee, Nora Neufeld and Anna Varyanik; 8. Transforming accessions data into knowledge Hubert Escaith, Chiedu Osakwe, Vicky Chemutai and Ying Yan; Part II. Negotiators' Perspectives On The WTO Accession Process: 9. Accession of Liberia: an agenda for transformation Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Axel Addy; 10. Afghanistan's accession: challenged by conflict Humayoon Rasaw; 11. The WTO accession of Seychelles: lessons from a small island economy Pierre Laporte, Charles Morin and Cillia Mangroo; 12. WTO accession negotiations from a negotiator's perspective Atsuyuki Oike; Part III. Accessions Acquis: Thematic Perspectives and Implementation Challenges: 13. How post-TRIPS negotiations reframe the 'trade-related aspects' of intellectual property after TRIPS: the lessons of WTO accessions Antony Taubman; 14. Competition policy in WTO accessions: filling in the blanks in the international trading system Robert D. Anderson, Anna Caroline Muller and Nivedita Sen; 15. Geographical indications in the accessions landscape Tatiana Yanguas Acosta; 16. WTO accession commitments on agriculture: lessons for WTO rule-making Diwakar Dixit; 17. The WTO-plus obligations: dual class or a strengthened system? Nannan Gao and Fangying Zheng; 18. Accession protocols and the private sector Josefita Pardo de Leon and Mariam Soumare; 19. Post-accession support platform Maika Oshikawa; 20. Conclusion - trade multilateralism: enhancing flexibility, preserving the momentum Alexei Kireyev and Chiedu Osakwe.
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