Towards a Cultural Politics of Climate Change

Towards a Cultural Politics of Climate Change

Devices, Desires and Dissent

Stripple, Johannes; Paterson, Matthew; Bulkeley, Harriet

Cambridge University Press






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Preface; 1. Introduction Harriet Bulkeley, Matthew Paterson and Johannes Stripple; 2. CHANGE: The European Commission's climate campaign as a technique of government Ylva Uggla and Fredrika Uggla; 3. Devising low-carbon desires in the Australian urban economy Robyn Dowling, Pauline McGuirk, Harriet Bulkeley and Clare Brennan; 4. Low-carbon devices and desires in community housing retrofit Andrew Karvonen; 5. Caring for the low-carbon self: the government of self and others in the world as a gas greenhouse Timothy Luke; 6. Grief, loss and the cultural politics of climate change Lesley Head; 7. Culture, technology, and transport: navigating a path to low-carbon urban mobilities in the United States Hugh Bartling; 8. 'The everyday choices we make matter': urban climate politics and the postpolitics of responsibility and action Jennifer L. Rice; 9. Strategic engagements with resistance against energy efficient devices: exploring the hidden politics of comfort desires in housing Maj-Britt Quitzau and Birgitte Hoffmann; 10. The directionality of desire in the economy of qualities: the case of retailers, refrigeration and reconstituted orange juice Josephine Mylan; 11. The making of a zero-carbon home Heather Lovell; 12. Wind power activism: epistemic struggles in the formation of eco-ethical selves at Vattenfall Annika Skoglund and Steffen Boehm; 13. Conclusions Harriet Bulkeley, Matthew Paterson and Johannes Stripple; Index.
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