Time and Causality across the Sciences

Time and Causality across the Sciences

Kleinberg, Samantha

Cambridge University Press






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1. An introduction to time and causality Samantha Kleinberg; 2. Causality and time: an introductory typology Bert Leuridan and Thomas Lodewyck; 3. The direction of causation Phil Dowe; 4. On the causal nature of time Victor Gijsbers; 5. Causation in a physical world: an overview of our emerging understanding Jenann Ismael; 6. Intervening in time Neil R. Bramely; 7. Time-event relationships as representations for constructing cell mechanisms Yin Chung Au; 8. Causation, time asymmetry, and causal mechanisms in the social sciences Inge de Bal and Erik Weber; 9. Temporalization in causal modeling Jonathan Livengood and Karen R. Zwier; 10. Reintroducing dynamics into static causal models Naftali Weinberger; 11. Overcoming the poverty of mechanisms in causal models David Jensen.
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