Thinking About Human Memory

Thinking About Human Memory

Humphreys, Michael S. (University of Queensland); Chalmers, Kerry A. (University of Newcastle, New South Wales)

Cambridge University Press






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A novel analytical approach to understanding memory that considers the goals of the memory task, the cues and information available, the opportunity to learn, and interference from irrelevant information (noise). This book encompasses both historical and contemporary perspectives, and will appeal to memory researchers and advanced students.
1. Overview of how to analyze memory tasks; 2. Analysing the goals of a task; 3. The importance of thinking about cues and targets; 4. Theoretical analyses involving the use of information and its complexity; 5. Opportunity for learning; 6. The discrimination problems posed by different memory tasks; 7. Controlling human memory; 8. Episodic memory; 9. Conclusions.
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