Concepts and Applications


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Conversion factors; Preface; Acknowledgements; 1. Beginnings; 2. Thermodynamic properties, property relationships, and processes; 3. Conservation of mass; 4. Energy and energy transfer; 5. First law of thermodynamics; 6. Second law of thermodynamics and some of its consequences; 7. Entropy and availability; 8. Thermal-fluid analysis of steady-flow devices; 9. Systems for power production, propulsion, and heating and cooling; 10. Ideal-gas mixtures; 11. Air-vapor mixtures; 12. Reacting systems; 13. Chemical and phase equilibrium; Appendix A. Timeline; Appendix B. Thermodynamic properties of H2O; Appendix C. Thermodynamic and thermo-physical properties of air; Appendix D. Thermodynamic properties of ideal gases and carbon; Appendix E. Various thermodynamic data; Appendix F. Thermo-physical properties of selected gases at 1 atm; Appendix G. Thermo-physical properties of selected liquids; Appendix H. Thermo-physical properties of hydrocarbon fuels; Appendix I. Psychrometric charts; Answers to selected problems; Index.
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