Theories of Human Learning

Theories of Human Learning

Mrs Gribbin's Cat

Lefrancois, Guy R.

Cambridge University Press






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List of Illustrations; Preface; Part I. Science and Theory: 1. Human learning; Part II. Mostly Behavioristic Theories: 2. Early behaviorism: Pavlov, Watson, and Guthrie; 3. The effects of behavior: Thorndike and Hull; 4. Operant conditioning: Skinner's radical behaviorism; 5. Evolutionary psychology: learning, biology, and the brain; Part III. The Beginnings of Modern Cognitivism: 6. Transition to modern cognitivism: Hebb, Tolman, and the Gestaltists; Part IV. Mostly Cognitive Theories: 7. Three cognitive theories: Bruner, Piaget, and Vygotsky; 8. Learning and memory; 9. Motivation and emotions; 10. Social learning: Bandura's social cognitive theory; 11. Machine learning and artificial intelligence: the future?; Part V. Summary: 12. Summary, synthesis, and integration; Epilogue; Glossary; References; Name index; Subject index.
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