Writing on the Wall

Writing on the Wall

Rethinking the International Law of Occupation

Gross, Aeyal (Tel-Aviv University)

Cambridge University Press






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As the Israeli occupation of the Occupied Palestinian Territory nears its fiftieth anniversary, Gross offers a critical perspective on the international law of occupation, advocating a normative and functional approach to occupation and the question of when it exists, and critically considers the application of humanitarian and human rights law.
Introduction; 1. The ends and fictions of occupation: between fact and norm; 2. The indeterminacy of occupation: from conceptualism to the functional approach; 3. Indeterminacy and control in the Occupied Palestinian Territory; 4. The construction of a wall between The Hague and Jerusalem: humanitarian law or a Fata Morgana of humanitarian law; 5. The securitization of human rights: are human rights the emperor's new clothes of the international law of occupation?
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