Work and Lives of Teachers

Work and Lives of Teachers

A Global Perspective

Cohen, Rosetta Marantz (Smith College, Massachusetts)

Cambridge University Press






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This book shows the ways that cultural attitudes toward the teaching profession influence how students perform across the globe.
Teaching on Earth: introduction; 1. Finland: autonomy and respect Annukka Suonio; 2. Taiwan: tradition and change Feng-juan Kuo; 3. Greece: a week of austerity Vasiliki Michailidou; 4. Azerbaijan: teaching in the shadow of war Gulnaz Haciyeva; 5. France: defending rigor Laurence Manfrini; 6. Chile: revolution and resignation Mauricio Ramirez; 7. America: diversity and a passion for leadership Bonnie Fineman; 8. The teacher in comparative perspective; 9. Teachers in their own words.
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