Wonders of Light

Wonders of Light

Garcia-Matos, Marta; Torner, Lluis

Cambridge University Press






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Discover the spectacular power of light with this visually stunning celebration of the multitude of ways in which light-based technology has shaped our society. Be inspired by explanations of state-of-the-art science, be dazzled by dramatic design and radiant color illustrations, and celebrate the 2015 UNESCO International Year of Light.
1. Cold; 2. Gentle; 3. Sharp; 4. Focus; 5. Virus attacks; 6. Optogenetics; 7. Fast; 8. Random walks; 9. Displays; 10. Connected; 11. Privacy; 12. Riddles; 13. New materials; 14. Catch that energy!; 15. Lighting; 16. Sensing.
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