War on Terror' and the Framework of International Law

War on Terror' and the Framework of International Law

Duffy, Helen

Cambridge University Press






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Measures taken by states in the name of countering terrorism constantly give rise to new international legal issues. Helen Duffy brings the law to life via detailed case studies which show what the war on terror means in practice for affected individuals and for the rule of law more broadly.
1. Introduction; Part I. Terrorism and Responsibility: 2. 'Terrorism' in international law; Part II. Responding to Terrorism: 3. Legal framework and practice; 4. Criminal justice; 5. The use of force; 6. International humanitarian law; 7. International human rights law; Part III. Case Studies: 8. Case study 1: Guantanamo Bay detentions under international human rights and humanitarian law; 9. Case study 2: justice done? The killing of Osama bin Laden; 10. Case study 3: extraordinary rendition; 11. The role of the courts: human rights litigation in the war on terror; 12. Conclusion.
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