Voyage of Thought

Voyage of Thought

Navigating Knowledge across the Sixteenth-Century World

Wintroub, Michael (University of California, Berkeley)

Cambridge University Press






15 a 20 dias

Wintroub presents a micro-historical and cross-disciplinary analysis of the texts and contexts that informed the remarkable journey of the French ship captain, merchant, and poet, Jean Parmentier, from Dieppe to Sumatra in 1529. He explores the shifting and interpenetrating religious, epistemic, and technical practices employed on the voyage.
Acknowledgements; List of figures; Introduction; 1. Information: pilgrimage in a church of poems; 2. Expertise: the heavens inscribed; 3. Translation: translating the body of thought; 4. Scale: the heart of the matter; 5. Confidence: a balance of trust; 6. Replication: disciplining monsters; Epilogue; Bibliography; Index.
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