Value of Intellectual Styles

Value of Intellectual Styles

Zhang, Li-fang

Cambridge University Press






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Part I. General Introduction: 1. Motivation for this book; Part II. Empirical Evidence: Two Classic Variables and Intellectual Styles: 2. Distinguishing intellectual styles from intelligence and personality; 3. Creativity and intellectual styles; Part III. Empirical Evidence: Academic Settings: 4. Intellectual styles in student learning processes and developmental outcomes; 5. Intellectual styles of school teachers and university academics; Part IV. Empirical Evidence: Non-Academic Settings and Style Preferences: 6. Intellectual styles in the workplace; 7. Intellectual styles among the mentally and physically disadvantaged; 8. Explicit and implicit intellectual style preferences; Part V. Concluding Remarks: 9. Conclusions, limitations, future directions, scientific significance, and practical implications; Epilogue.
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