Use of Force and International Law

Use of Force and International Law

Henderson, Christian

Cambridge University Press






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Part I. The Prohibition of the Threat or Use of Force: 1. The general breadth and scope of the prohibition; 2. The meaning of 'force'; Part II. The Use of Force in the Context of Collective Security: 3. The use of force under the auspices of the United Nations; 4. Issues in relation to authorisation by the United Nations Security Council; 5. United Nations Peacekeeping and the use of force; Part III. The Use of Force in Self-Defence: 6. General aspects of the right of self-defence; 7. Preventative self-defence; 8. The use of force against non-state actors; Part IV. Forcible Intervention in Situations of Civil Unrest: 9. Consent to intervention and intervention in civil wars; 10. The doctrine of humanitarian intervention; Conclusions.
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