Urban Ocean

Urban Ocean

The Interaction of Cities with Water

Bruno, Michael S. (University of Hawaii, Manoa); Blumberg, Alan F.

Cambridge University Press






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Describes the physics of the coastal ocean, for advanced students, researchers, urban planners, and environmental engineers.
1. Overview: people and water; 2. Characteristics of seawater; 3. Urban ocean characteristics; 4. Governing dynamics; 5. Mass, salt and temperature 'conservation'; 6. Water level changes; 7. Estuarine and coastal ocean flows; 8. Urban meteorology; 9. Coastal processes and shoreline modification; 10. Marine pollution; 11. Coastal extreme events: the risks and the responses; 12. Coastal ocean observing systems; 13. Climate change; 14. Cities and water - building resilience; References; Index.
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