Urban Ocean

Urban Ocean

The Interaction of Cities with Water

Blumberg, Alan F.; Bruno, Michael S. (University of Hawaii, Manoa)

Cambridge University Press






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This book describes the physics of the coastal ocean, its interaction with the land, how it controls the weather, and its interaction with the humans who live along its shores. It will be invaluable on courses on urban oceanography and as a reference text for researchers, professionals, and environmental engineers.
1. Overview: people and water; 2. Characteristics of seawater; 3. Urban ocean characteristics; 4. Governing dynamics; 5. Mass, salt and temperature 'conservation'; 6. Water level changes; 7. Estuarine and coastal ocean flows; 8. Urban meteorology; 9. Coastal processes and shoreline modification; 10. Marine pollution; 11. Coastal extreme events: the risks and the responses; 12. Coastal ocean observing systems; 13. Climate change; 14. Cities and water - building resilience; References; Index.
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