United Nations and Freedom of Expression and Information

United Nations and Freedom of Expression and Information

Critical Perspectives


Cambridge University Press






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Foreword Nigel Rodley; 1. The development of freedom of expression and information within the UN: leaps and bounds or fits and starts? Tarlach McGonagle; Part I. UN Normative and Institutional Approaches to the Protection of Freedom of Expression and Information: 2. International covenant on civil and political rights: interpreting freedom of expression and information standards for the present and the future Michael O'Flaherty; 3. International covenant on economic, social and cultural rights: accessibility and the right to information Yvonne Donders; 4. International convention on the elimination of all forms of racial discrimination: the prohibition of 'racist hate speech' Patrick Thornberry; 5. Convention on the rights of the child: freedom of expression for children Lucy Smith; 6. Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities: ensuring full and equal access to information Eliza Varney; 7. UNESCO: freedom of expression, information and the media Sylvie Coudray; 8. The UN special rapporteur on freedom of opinion and expression: progressive development of international standards relating to freedom of expression Toby Mendel; Part II. Elected Thematic Focuses: 9. Ten challenges for the right to information in the age of mega-leaks Helen Darbishire; 10. Early days: the UN, ICTs and freedom of expression Karol Jakubowicz; 11. A new vision of values, accountability and mission for journalism Aidan White; 12. Uprooting 'defamation of religions' and planting a new approach to freedom of expression at the UN Sejal Parmar; 13. Limits to freedom of expression: lessons from counter-terrorism Martin Scheinin; 14. Tacit citing: the scarcity of judicial dialogue between the global and the regional human rights mechanisms in freedom of expression cases Antoine Buyse.
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