Trust Revolution

Trust Revolution

How the Digitization of Trust Will Revolutionize Business and Government

Churi, Salen; Henderson, M.Todd

Cambridge University Press






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This book traces the history of innovation and trust, demonstrating how the Internet offers new ways to rehabilitate and strengthen trust. It will appeal to anyone who wants to understand how trust has the potential to expand opportunities for human cooperation and reduce the size and scope of government and corporate control over our lives.
Introduction: riding with strangers; Part I: 1. The collapse of trust; 2. Hiding in plain sight; 3. Trust and human flourishing; 4. Typology of trust: government trust; 5. The genealogy of trust; 6. The market for trust; Part II: 7. Private trust and the regulation of stock brokers; 8. Providing trust in the ridesharing market; Part III: 9. Hacking trust; 10. Sketching on a blank slate; 11. Concluding thoughts.
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