Cambridge Studies in European Law and Policy

Cambridge Studies in European Law and Policy

Hodson, Dermot (Birkbeck College, University of London); Maher, Imelda (University College Dublin)

Cambridge University Press






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Explores the rise of people, parliament and courts in EU treaty making since 1950. Relevant to students and scholars in fields such as EU law and politics, comparative constitutionalism, international law and relations. Its reform ideas are highly relevant for European policy-makers and Europe watchers worldwide.
1. The transformation of EU treaty making; 2. Two level games, two level legitimacy and EU treaties; Part I. The Negotiation Stage: 3. EU treaty making and the partial eclipse of the IGC; Part II. The Consent Stage: 4. The rise of parliaments in EU treaty making; 5. The rise of referendums in EU treaty making; 6. The rise of higher courts in EU treaty making; 7. Explaining the transformation of EU treaty making; Part III. The Practice of EU Treaty Making: 8. How changing rules and norms have shaped EU treaty making; 9. Eight ideas for reforming EU treaty making; 10. The future of treaty making.
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