Tokyo War Crimes Tribunal

Tokyo War Crimes Tribunal

Law, History, and Jurisprudence


Cambridge University Press






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Introduction; Part I. The Allied War Crimes Policy, the Indictment, and Court Proceedings: 1. The framework of the trial; 2. Charges of crimes against peace; 3. The Japanese system of government; 4. Individual roles in the making of the war and the overall conspiracy; 5. Counts on murder, conventional war crimes, and crimes against humanity; 6. Accountability of war crimes; Part II. Law and Jurisprudence of the Judgments and Separate Opinions: 7. The majority judgment: crimes against peace; 8. An alternative perspective on accountability for crimes against peace: the two Webb judgments; 9. The majority judgment on war crimes; 10. An alternative Tokyo judgment: the draft Webb judgment on war crimes; 11. The dissenting opinions by Justices Bernard and Roeling; 12. Pal's 'judgment', or dissenting opinion, on crimes against peace; 13. Pal's treatment of war crimes charges; 14. The concurring opinions of Justices Webb and Jaranilla; Conclusion.
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