Tokyo Trial

Tokyo Trial

Recollections and Perspectives from China

The Tokyo Trial Research Centre

Cambridge University Press






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This collection of essays represents a distinctively Chinese approach to the interpretation of the Tokyo Trial and its significance today.
Part I. Perspectives from China: 1. Was the Nanking Massacre fabricated by the Tokyo Trial? Cheng Zhaoqi; 2. The Tokyo Trial and Japan's countermeasures Song Zhiyong; 3. On certain issues related to the Tokyo Trial Song Zhiyong; 4. From the movie 'The Tokyo Trial' to the Tokyo Trial Cheng Zhaoqi; 5. The defence of the Nanjing Massacre during the Tokyo Trial Zhang Sheng and Zhai Yi'an; 6. Re-examining Iwane Matsui's war crimes Cheng Zhaoqi; 7. Re-examining Sekijiro Ogawa's testimony Cheng Zhaoqi; Part II. Recollections from China: 8. Memories of the Tokyo Trial Ni Zhengru; 9. The legal bases and significance of the Tokyo Trial He Qinghua; 10. The Nanking Massacre and the Tokyo Trial Mei Ru'ao.
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