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The Tokyo Trial was held from 1946-8 to try Japanese military and civil officials for war crimes committed during World War II. The trial proceedings were controversial at the time and remain an emotive subject. This collection of translated essays represents a distinctively Chinese approach to the interpretation of the trial.
Part I. Perspectives from China: 1. Was the Nanking Massacre fabricated by the Tokyo Trial? Cheng Zhaoqi; 2. The Tokyo Trial and Japan's countermeasures Song Zhiyong; 3. On certain issues related to the Tokyo Trial Song Zhiyong; 4. From the movie 'The Tokyo Trial' to the Tokyo Trial Cheng Zhaoqi; 5. The defence of the Nanjing Massacre during the Tokyo Trial Zhang Sheng and Zhai Yi'an; 6. Re-examining Iwane Matsui's war crimes Cheng Zhaoqi; 7. Re-examining Sekijiro Ogawa's testimony Cheng Zhaoqi; Part II. Recollections from China: 8. Memories of the Tokyo Trial Ni Zhengru; 9. The legal bases and significance of the Tokyo Trial He Qinghua; 10. The Nanking Massacre and the Tokyo Trial Mei Ru'ao.
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