Syrian War

Syrian War

Between Justice and Political Reality

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1. Introduction: an overview of stakeholders and interests Hilly Moodrick, Even Khen, Nir Boms and Sareta Ashraph; Part I. The Syrian War: Factual and Legal Framework: 2. Syria- international use of force and humanitarian intervention Amichai Cohen; 3. Legal classification of the conflict(s) in Syria Tom Gal; 4. The Syrian government's war against its people Eyal Zisser; 5. All the red lines: the Syrian conflict and its assault on international humanitarian law Sareta Ashraph; 6. Scorched earth in Syria: between crimes against humanity and genocide Hilly Moodrick, Even Khen and Yael Siman; 7. Weaponising gender: sexual violence in the Syrian conflict Lina Biscaia; Part II. The Syrian Neighbourhood: 8. Proxy wars in Syria: exploitation of the Palestinian issue in the Syrian crisis Moran Levanoni; 9. A northern dilemma: understanding Israel's actions facing the Syrian War Nir Boms; 10. The spillover effects of the Syrian Civil War: regional ramifications Joel D. Parker; 11. Syrian refugees in Europe: assessing challenges, practices and integration policies Francesco Farinelli; Part III. A New Syria in a New World Order? Assessing Legal and Political Implications: 12. Transitional justice without transition: the international community's efforts in Syria Beth Van Schaack; 13. Syrian Kurds: rising from the ashes of persecution Sirwan Kajjo; 14. Epilogue: the future of Syria and the Middle East Kamal Allabwani; 15. Conclusion Hilly Moodrick-Even Khen, Nir Boms and Sareta Ashraph.