Study of Word Stress and Accent

Study of Word Stress and Accent

Theories, Methods and Data

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Part I. Phonetic Correlates and Prominence Distinctions: 1. Acoustic correlates and perceptual cues of word and sentence stress: towards a cross-linguistic perspective Vincent van Heuven; 2. Positional prominence vs. word accent: is there a difference? Larry Hyman; 3. Explaining word-final stress lapse Anya Lunden; 4. What Danish and Estonian can show to a modern word-prosodic typology Natalia Kuznetsova; Part II. Typology: 5. Mora and syllable accentuation - typology and representation Rene Kager and Violeta Martinez-Paricio; 6. Word stress, pitch accent and word order typology - with special reference to Altaic Hisao Tokizaki; Part III. Case Studies: 7. Persistence and change in stem prominence in Dene (Athabaskan) languages Keren Rice; 8. Spanish word stress: an updated multidimensional account Iggy Roca; 9. Metrically conditioned pitch accent in Uspanteko Bjorn Kohnlein; 10. Focus prosody in Kagoshima Japanese Haruo Kubozono; 11. Where is the Dutch stress system? Some new data Marc van Oostendorp and Bjorn Kohnlein; 12. Morphologically assigned accent and an initial three-syllable window in Ese'eja Nicholas Rolle and Marine Vuilleremet; 13. The scales-and-parameters approach to morpheme-specific exceptions in accent assignment Alexandre Vaxman.
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