Struggle for the Streets of Berlin

Struggle for the Streets of Berlin

Politics, Consumption, and Urban Space, 1914-1945

Cambridge University Press






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Acknowledgements; List of figures; Introduction: streets of desire and discontent; 1. Paper revolutions: urban advertising in the aftermath of the First World War; 2. Commerce turned inside out: street hawkers, shopkeepers, and the moral geography of consumption during the inflation; 3. Crowd control: traffic, spectacle, and demonstrations during the 'golden twenties'; 4. Fortress shops and militarized streets: looting in depression-era Berlin; 5. When rogues become regulators: 'coordination 'of the streets under the new Nazi regime; 6. Visions of a Nazi world capital: urban 'revitalization' from the Christmas market to Kristallnacht; Epilogue: eradicating Berlin: urban destruction from Germania to the Second World War; Bibliography; Index.