Struggle Over Borders

Struggle Over Borders

Cosmopolitanism and Communitarianism

Zuern, Michael; Merkel, Wolfgang; de Wilde, Pieter; Strijbis, Oliver; Koopmans, Ruud

Cambridge University Press






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1. Cosmopolitanism and communitarianism: how globalization is reshaping politics in the twenty-first century Ruud Koopmans and Michael Zuern; Part I. Domestic Impacts: 2. Why are elites more cosmopolitan than masses? Oliver Strijbis, Celine Teney and Marc Helbling; 3. Mass opinions: globalization and issues as axes of contention Bernhard Wessels and Oliver Strijbis; 4. Mapping policy and polity contestation about globalization: issue linkage in the news Pieter de Wilde; Part II. Supranational and Cross-level Analyses: 5. Who is the most frequent traveller? The cosmopolitanism of national, European, and global elites Oliver Strijbis; 6. Globalization conflict in international assemblies: cleavage formation beyond the state? Pieter de Wilde, Wiebke Junk and Tabea Palmtag; 7. Who are the cosmopolitans and the communitarians? Claims-making across issues, polity levels and countries Ruud Koopmans; Part III. Conclusion: Conclusion. The defects of cosmopolitan and communitarian democracy Wolfgang Merkel and Michael Zuern.
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