Social Psychology of Perceiving Others Accurately

Social Psychology of Perceiving Others Accurately

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Part I. Domains of Accurate Interpersonal Perception: 1. Accurate interpersonal perception: many traditions, one topic Judith A. Hall, Marianne Schmid Mast and Tessa V. West; 2. Accuracy of judging emotions Tanja Banziger; 3. Empathic accuracy: judging thoughts and feelings William Ickes; 4. Accuracy of distinguishing truth from lie Judee K. Burgoon and Norah E. Dunbar; 5. Accuracy of judging personality Mitja D. Back and Steffen Nestler; 6. Accuracy of perceiving social attributes Ravin Alaei and Nicholas O. Rule; 7. Accuracy of judging group attitudes Tessa V. West; 8. Metaperceptions: do people know how others perceive them? Erika N. Carlson and Maxwell Barranti; Part II. Correlates of Interpersonal Accuracy: 9. Accuracy in perceiving facial expressions of emotion in psychopathology Philip Griffiths and Chris Ashwin; 10. A lifespan developmental perspective on interpersonal accuracy Derek M. Isaacowitz, Ishabel M. Vicaria and Matthew W. E. Murry; 11. Situational influences on interpersonal accuracy Petra C. Schmid; 12. Training people to be interpersonally accurate Danielle Blanch-Hartigan, Susan A. Andrzejewski and Krista M. Hill; 13. Interpersonal accuracy in relation to the workplace, leadership, and hierarchy Marianne Schmid Mast and Ioana Latu; 14. Interpersonal accuracy in the clinical setting Mollie A. Ruben; 15. Gender differences in interpersonal accuracy Judith A. Hall, Sarah D. Gunnery, and Terrence G. Horgan; 16. Interpersonal accuracy in relation to culture and ethnicity Elizabeth Luckman and Hillary Anger Elfenbein; 17. Interpersonal accuracy: real and perceived links to prosocial behavior Sara D. Hodges and Adrienne A. P. Wise; Part III. Conclusions: 18. Is there a general skill in perceiving others accurately? R. Thomas Boone and Katja Schlegel; 19. What we know and the future of interpersonal accuracy research Nora A. Murphy.