Social Evolution of Human Nature

Social Evolution of Human Nature

From Biology to Language

Smit, Harry (Universiteit Maastricht, Netherlands)

Cambridge University Press






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This book sheds new light on the problem of how the human mind evolved. Harry Smit argues that current explanations misguidedly use variants of the Cartesian conception of the mind. The author shows that combining the Aristotelian conception with Darwin's theory provides us with far more interesting answers.
1. The major evolutionary transitions and Homo loquens; 2. The conceptual foundation of human nature; 3. Inclusive fitness theory and genomic imprinting; 4. Evolution, teleology, and the argument from design; 5. Dualism, monism and evolutionary psychology; 6. Weismann, Wittgenstein and the homunculus fallacy; 7. Language evolution: doing things with words versus translating thought into language; 8. Moral behaviour: a conceptual elaboration of Darwin's ideas; 9. Epilogue.
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